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Undergraduate in Computer Science. Coding for fun.

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About Me

I’m a sophomore undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and I’ll graduate in 2022.

I’m also known as Chi Zhang, where Zhang is my last name. As the name is too common in Chinese culture (there are at least four students of this name in my school), I am commonly referred to as Alex Chi (or 迟策).

I love doing projects and reinventing the wheels. I code for fun. From my perspective, the following projects I’ve participated in are more convincing and valuable than GPAs. You may find my academic status after “selected projects” section.

Selected Projects

Currently I have research interest in computer systems. After reading Y86-64 architecture in CS:APP and dynamic scheduling in CA:AQA, I implemented a RISC-V CPU simulator with Tomasulo algorithm and Speculation.

RISCV-Simulator C++ / Jul 2019

💻 RISC-V Simulator of RV32I ISA. Out-of-order execution with Tomasulo algorithm and Speculation. Now with detailed runtime information and a full report on this project.

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I enjoy reinventing the wheels. I’ve implemented a variety of interesting things in distributed systems, computer graphics, programming language, and machine learning.

raft C++ / Jul 2019

⛵ Raft Consensus Algorithm. gRPC for communication. Tested with a few cases.

View on GitHub Rust / 2018 - 2019

⚡ A ray tracer implemented in Rust based on "Ray Tracing in One Weekend" featuring multi-threaded rendering and a variety of preset scenes.

What did it render?

lisp-interpreter Ruby / Nov 2019

💎 A Lisp interpreter in Ruby

View on GitHub Rust / Jan 2019

🔢 MNIST training of minimal dependency implemented in Rust. Trained with fully-connected layers.

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I’m also capable of using web-based and GUI tools to visualize data and create user-friendly UI.

BlueSense TypeScript / May 2017 - Present

🌈 BlueSense is a low-cost IoT platform for collecting and visualizing environment data. It has been collecting climate data in Shanghai for over 2 years.

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Meteor C++ / Dec 2019

🚆 Fine-grained analysis and visualization of Hangzhou Metro for efficient traveling in metro system.

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Academic Status

Honors and Awards

Last update on 18 January 2020